Women Challenging Business Practices with Smita Shah

From the ancient past to modern times, men have always put themselves above women. Men have obtained high positions of power, wealth, and social status that far outpaces their female counterparts. Over the years a series of social reforms have slowly chipped away at this long standing divide. Smita Shah is one of the newest female role models for the modern generation. She has taken up the mantle to bring women into the current workforce. Premiere Gazette recently published a piece describing how her efforts have lead to crumbling of social norms.
The secret to Smita Shah’s strong women outlook is a reflection of her childhood upbringing. Unlike many of her peers, her parents and friends were very open to her spending time on studying. She had a talent for math and wanted cultivate that talent over spending spare time with friend. This time investment came full circle when she entered college. She placed highly in numerous math events and became a reliable partner for organizations around her everyday. In 1998, Smita Shah had a revolutionary idea. She defined all social expectations and created her own personal engineering firm. A women running their own business in a male job market was unheard for this era. This was the moment she become all in on reforming society.
As a women herself, Smita Shah understands the core principles that prevent many of her peers from ever challenging themselves in the first place. The social barriers are placed on women almost from birth. They taught to know their place and stay in the shadows. However, Smita Shah sent rallying cries around the world. She gathered up an extensive group of female business owners from every single sector. Women have to view themselves in a positive light. She hopes this method will bring about a new age of female talent in the workplace. Learn more: https://premiergazette.com/2019/07/smita-shahs-best-practices-empowerment-workplace/
The last part of her discussion revolves around the proper steps if a women does enter the
workforce. Smita Shah believes the in a series of core components to how an individual should conduct themselves. The first step is keeping your goal focused on short term gains. The quickest way to success is just slowly building your reputation and reliability among peers. She starts to suggest that playing it safe is a valid strategy for earning respect. A women needs to take credit for all of their actions, and made it known that their work is meaningful. This strategy is doable for any women looking to make a name for themselves.
At the end of the day, Smita Shah knows that a women has to trust themselves first and foremost.
Success will be reached if your heart is in the game.

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