What is Unroll Me App?

The best of intentions designed your e-mail interface. You have an in-box, an archive, and a deleted list. If you have Outlook, you even have a “focused” tab. The whole point of this level of organization is to put the important stuff at the top with priority.

Theory and practice are two different things in the real world. That’s okay. We all do it. We visit websites that have really great material so when a pop-up asks us for our e-mail we jump at the opportunity to tune in, and gain access. You may even subscribe to blogs so you get an e-mail every time that author publishes something fascinating. With election talks winding up, Political season is bringing in a whole new category of alerts and newsletters

Then it happens. 

You get these great e-mails and never open them. Or, you try to wade through your collection of newsletters and subscriptions to find the important e-mails you want to read.

What do you do? 

Simple… Use a service called Unroll Me. It’s an e-mail manager that’s easy to use, and compatible with Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud. Unroll Me helps you organize your e-mail subscriptions, pop-ups, newsletters, and alerts with ease. You log into your e-mail through Unroll Me’s platform. It’ll will display your subscriptions, and offer you 3 categories to use: Add to Roll-Up; Unsubscribe; and Keep in Inbox. 

You select the subscriptions you want to Unsubscribe from and Unroll Me takes care of it for you. The ‘Add to Roll-up’ is a digest of sorts. Unroll Me will collect the subscriptions you add to this tab and send them to you in the morning, afternoon, or evening for you to view like a digest. The subscriptions you want to keep in your inbox stay there for you.