Wengie’s Cool Makeup Hacks

Just about every girl gets tired of her makeup routine and would like to try something new. It seems like there are millions of beauty tricks and hacks that are circulating around the Internet. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all those amazing beauty hacks in one place? Well, at least several of the beauty hacks might work. Fortunately, Wengie has answered the call. Wengie has created a YouTube video with a list of her favorite makeup hacks for her million plus subscribers. Wengie is a beauty blogger and a beauty guru. In fact, the Wonderful World of Wengie is the number 1 Asian beauty channel in Australia.


Makeup Hacks

Are you obsessed with learning new makeup styles and techniques? Well, welcome to the club. Makeup is a way to wake up your look or change your look at the drop of a mascara wand. In this video, Wengie shares 20 makeup hacks in less than 5 minutes. This video is very unique. Wengie shares that she thinks this video is perfect for the lazy girl that does not want to go to a lot of trouble. In this video our girl Wengie tries all the techniques and lets her viewers see the real results up close and personal. Actually, this video is a great idea. Take a look at some of the hacks and decide for yourself, if they are the type of beauty techniques that might work for you and your lifestyle.


About Wengie

The Wonderful World of Wengie is the number 1 beauty channel in Australia. This is absolutely amazing. Certainly, her amazing variety of videos are really on trend. They discuss subjects relating to beauty, makeup hacks, life hacks, hair hacks, DIY, sleep hacks, fashion hacks, tutorials, and much more. You can also connect with Wengie on several social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

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