Wen By Chaz: A New Way To Achieve Healthy Hair

It’s hard to believe Chaz Dean’s hair salon in Hollywood, California could be the cause of a revolutionary hair cleaning product, but it is true. That is where WEN by Chaz began its path to a revolutionary hair cleanser. Chaz Dean was operating his beauty salon and noted have traditional shampoos left hair prone to breakage. Frustrated with the options, he developed what is now labeled as Wen By Chaz cleansing conditioner.

Many are surprised when they first use the product. Is applied like traditional shampoo in the shower, but it will not bubble. The cleanser is actually lifting oils and grime away from the hair and scalp while hydrating. Work it throughout the strands and let it sit while you finish the shower. Rinse out then towel dry your hair. The locks will be left clean, but they will not be brittle.

Chaz Dean has gone on to create several styling products that all work in conjunction with the cleanser. For example, the hair mask is a home treatment for people who have extremely damaged or brittle strands. There are several fragrances to choose from, such as pomegranate, fig, and mint. They are infused with juices from the aloe vera leaf, oil from macadamia nuts, and rosemary. https://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care

Wen By Chaz has been around for well over a decade. The raving fans get the benefit of clean hair, healthy locks, and a touch of aromatherapy. Mr. Dean continually offers seasonal scented products as well. For more info, visit wen.com.

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