Vinod Gupta Understands Business

Vinod Gupta is a widely successful businessman. He is an incredibly humble person who had to work for everything he has achieved. He grew up in a small village in India. Now, he is wealthy enough is able to help others. In his village, they did not even have running water. Every day was a struggle for him; however, he dreamed of having something more.

In 1967, Vinod Gupta was able to come to Nebraska due to receiving a scholarship. He earned a Master’s degree. Vinod Gupta always thought about entrepreneurship and was able to start his first business, Business Research Service and American Business List in 1972. The American Business List went public in 1993 and made over seventy million dollars.

Over the years, the name of the company changed to Infogroup. Thecompany sold in 2010 for over six hundred million dollars. Vinod Gupta is known for his incredible insights in business and for being a great philanthropist. It is clear he cares for others. He has obtained honorary doctorates from three different universities.

He has made several donations to schools in America and India. He believes education is highly important. Vinod Gupta gave the University of Nebraska two million dollars to create a business curriculum and he also gave half a million for a scholarship fund to help minority students who pursued engineering or science.

Vinod Gupta is currently running the Everest Group. It is a venture capital firm. By him doing this, it gives him more time to do things he enjoys, like spending time with his family. Vinod Gupta is someone that many people look up to because he has made a name for himself and has made an amazing life for himself.

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