Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank Reflects On His Career

Kevin Plank is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Under Armour, one of the largest apparel firms in the World. Plank was recently named by Forbes as one of the most powerful CEOs under the age of 40 in the World. Here is a closer look at the career of Kevin Plank.

Early Beginnings

Kevin Plank began to explore his business interests while he was a member of the University of Maryland football team. While he was enrolled at Maryland, Plank created a flower delivery business. While practicing with the football team, Plank noticed that the cotton t-shirts under his shoulder pads became drenched with sweat very quickly. Plank also noticed that the fabric shorts that he wore during practice did not soak up sweat. Plank decided to create shirts that did not soak up sweat.

After graduating from Maryland, Plank created The Shorty, an elastic shirt designed to wipe away sweat. Some of Plank’s old teammates wore the undergarment. As the business spread, Under Armour was born. Plank said that he was able to grow his business through listening to his customers. During the first year of the company, Plank released products for his HeatGear, ColdGear, and AllSeasonGear lines. Plank said that the main focus for Under Armour was to create products that would help athletes stay comfortable during games.

Kevin Plank says that Under Armour’s success has been built on great teamwork. Under Armour will continue to look for innovative minds, as they will keep striving to make their products faster and more efficient.

Giving Back

Kevin Plank says that philanthropy will always remain a priority for Under Armour. The company helps fund The Building Bridges Through Basketball Program. The BBTB Program uses basketball to establish positive dialogue between young people and law enforcement in cities including Chicago and Charlotte. Under Armour also has an Armour Day Program, where employees help serve in their local communities. The company has also funded multiple projects through its WeWill Campaign. Plank also has two personal charitable organizations; The Plank Family Foundation and The Cupid Foundation. The Cupid Foundation provides college scholarships to students in Baltimore.

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