Tips from James River Capital to Secure the Business Funding You Need

JAMES RIVERAs the founder of James River Capital, Paul Saunders has been working with potential business owners to find funding opportunities in a number of ways. Any strong business idea can be turned into a successful business with the right funding in place. From angel investors to social media campaigns to fundraise, funding is possible using a variety of methods.

The Saunders Family Foundation is a charitable organization that was started by Paul Saunders and his wife Vicki. Together they help support other charities to work for the betterment of society. They are committed to philanthropic work and strive to make a difference every day.

To start a business, bootstrapping is the first way to see what you have for funds. You check your own credit cards, savings and see what type of funds your family and friends will provide. When you can come up with a substantial amount of capital this way, you will know that your idea is a strong one that is supported by those around you.

A bank loan may be necessary to supplement what you earn through fundraising. The Small Business Association can help you with resources that could be available to you as you try to gather enough money to get your business started. Angel investors are also possible, and you can find angel investors by getting your idea out in front of the public.

Try sites such as Kickstarter to create a campaign to raise money. This may attract a wide range of people and will be a good way to see what kind of interest there is in your business plan.

You can succeed in your new business venture, but you have to secure the capital you need first.