Tim Ioannides Raises Awareness Of Skin Cancer

With many medical fields in the country few are as unique as Medical Dermatology. Medical Dermatology is a branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and care of many skin related concerns. Tim Ioannides leads the practice with his professional team at Treasure Coast Dermatology clinic to provide excellent patient care. With 15 years of tenured knowledge from some very notable universities in the country and business experience, Tim Ioannides hopes to make an impact in the Florida counties in which he serves.

Tim Ioannides is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology in the state of Florida. For many years Tim Ioannides and his professional team has built a strong patient care relationships in several counties in Florida. He first acquired many of his patients by actively treating their skin concerns, informing patients about skin care and providing a friendly, companionate environment toward his patients. Tim Ioannides continues his medical dermatology practice in Indian River, Martin and Port St. Lucie counties in Florida.

Tim Ioannides has an extensive history of education. He attended The University Of Miami School Of Medicine. After receiving his medical degree Tim Ioannides went on to intern at The University Of Florida School Of Medicine, Health And Science Center. Today Tim Ioannides volunteers as Associate Professor at the medical university. He has never forgotten his many years of experience at The University Of Miami School of Medicine and serving as Associate Professor is Tim Ioannides many ways he gives back to his medical community.

As Tim Ioannides provides Medical Dermatology care, he is very concerned about the growing number of skin cancer patients. Florida has one of the highest rates of skin cancer patients at 7%. Tim Ioannides wants to educate patients and raise awareness to many individuals about skin care, safety and reduce the growing rate of skin cancer patients. By reducing skin cancer and other skin related concerns, Tim Ioannides and his professional team can make a difference in the quality of life for many patients.

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