Tim Ioannides Looks at the Importance of Medical Dermotology

In a recent article on IdeaMensch covered some of Tim Ioannides greatest accomplishments. The University of Miami School of Medicine graduate went on to expand one of his medical facility into five locations. His level of customer service through his facilities is not matched in any other practice.

In the beginning while working for another doctor he found his passion in dermatological practices. He started his own Treasure Coast Dermatology Center and never looked back. When asked what drew him to dermatology, he said he recognized the importance of the medical side of dermatology. He had been working for a plastic surgeon and wanted to focus on the medical ailments that come from skin problems.

His goal always is to make his practice better and offer more to his patients. He’s excited about a new skin cancer vaccine that he was involved in researching. He thinks it will help with the epidemic of skin cancer. One habit he sticks to that he thinks makes him the most productive is not keeping electronic records. He thinks that keeps doctors from paying attention to the patient while they’re looking at the computer screen. He avoids social media and only uses email. He is a man who likes to avoid distractions from making a difference in patient’s lives and finding better solutions for treatment.

According to his bio on Crunchbase Ioannides surrounds himself with talented doctors and staff. He wants to make sure they all treat patients as friends and not just a revolving door of customers. He believes in patient-driven practice and it shows by his happy patients who feel taken care of.

For details: www.fivehundo.com/tim-ioannides/