Tim Ioannides Has A Patient Seeing Effective Treatment Of Skin Cancer From Vaccines

Much research has been conducted recently that concludes vaccines may be a solution and treatment for some skin cancers. They already have to potential to prevent some cancers, but now they are being proven to help treat existing cancers for certain patients. One patient was an elderly woman in Florida, some of her skin tumors completely disappeared because of the vaccine she received from Dr. Tim Ioannides.

The Case

The woman suffering from cancer just turned 100 years old. Her right leg was covered in tumors caused by squamous cell skin cancer. The tumors were in advanced stages and she was seeking treatment at the University of Miami. One of the dermatologists who worked for the university suggested the elderly woman was not able to get surgery for her tumors because there were too many and they were too big. Oftentimes, surgery is the first treatment option for these types of cancers.

The Results

When the decision to treat her with vaccines became apparent, she received two doses in her arm of the HPV vaccine. These doses were spaced out by six weeks. The vaccine was not given to all of her tumors, but the vaccine routine was repeated four additional times over a year. By the end of her treatment, all of her tumors completely vanished.

Dr. Tim Ioannides’ Take On Squamous Cell Skin Cancer

Dr. Tim Ioannides is a dermatologist who owns Treasure Coast Dermatology. He prefers to concentrate on the medical side of dermatology more than the cosmetic side. Because of this, he’s very familiar with skin cancer. He says light skin people are more likely to get squamous cell skin cancer than those with darker skin.

Dr. Ioannides has served in the Port St. Lucie area of Florida for more than 15 years. He graduated from the School of Medicine at the University of Miami. He takes pride in caring for patients and has a passion for the science behind dermatology.

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