The Truth of OSI Group McDonalds & Their Meat Production

OSI Group Mcdonalds is currently one of the largest manufacturers of food for not only various parts of the world but to one of the biggest fast food restaurant chains, McDonald’s. As technology involves so does the access of information to the public. Therefore it’s no secret why the public now seeks foods that contain fewer amounts of sugar and are more organic in nature. However, not even the most established companies are immune to the growing public concern over food additives. Mcdonald’s has estimated that they sell over 75 burgers every two seconds across the globe. Naturally, they are one of the first businesses that people are targeting.

Many have accused Mcdonald’s of pumping their meat with additives in order for them to last longer. Much of this information can be attributed to an experiment done by David Whipple. In 1999 Mr.whipple purchased a hamburger from Mcdonald’s and placed it in his cupboard to study the number of preservatives in it. In 2013, Mr.Whipple would showcase to the world that the burger had hardly changed in its look or texture, therefore, proving the addition of preservatives. The experiment was, however, quickly disproven as various scientist added that much like the human body, mold and other things that cause rotting need sunlight, water, oxygen to grow. Placing the burger in the cupboard where it was not exposed to any of these was the reason for its almost perfect current condition.

Recently, a business Insider writer was given a chance to tour OSI Group Mcdonalds largest facilities located in Günzburg, Germany. The writer spoke about the incredible measures the facility takes in making sure that nothing was contaminating the food, whether it was through adding preservatives or simply coughing into the meat. OSI Group Mcdonalds might sound like the McDonalds corporation owns it. However, OSI Group and Mcdonalds are two separate entities. The tie is due to the long history the two companies share with each other. In Fact, OSI Group was the first meat producer for the Mcdonald’s corporation, a strong and successful partnership that is now known as OSI Group Mcdonalds.