The Oxford Club And These Four Hot Tips

The Oxford Club is the product of the brilliant investing mind of William Bonner – also the founder of The Agora Companies, a huge conglomerate of businesses that’s operated out of Baltimore, Maryland.

Also taking its home in Baltimore, The Oxford Club distributes the world’s leading investment advice to its members, all 150,000 of which are highly interested in smashing the United States’s financial markets – think of the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

One of the many lessons The Oxford Club urges its members to follow is listed here:

  1. Buy, Sell, And Trade In Bulk

Retailers selling one or two bars of soap sell them at, more or less, the highest price an end-user consumer is willing to pay to use them. Wholesalers distributing one or two thousand bars of soap understand that its buyers – the retailers – are not interested in actually using the soap, they just want to make a profit off of its retail sale.

Investors who take the approach of retailers – obviously they can’t use financial instruments like bars of soap, however; it’s an analogy – won’t do well in finance. As such, The Oxford Club urges its members to act as wholesalers, only trading the largest amounts of instruments they can possibly afford.

  1. Lower Investment Costs

Engaging in the above activities cost a lot of fees, fines, and cuts. Rather than paying out tons of fees, trade less often – be a passive investor.

  1. Diversify

This goes without saying, though it’s important to note that most investors need low-risk, long-term growth instruments.

  1. Plan An Exit

Things can go wrong at any second. The Oxford Club says to always have an exit strategy planned, and a backup exit in case the first isn’t optimal.