The Generational Advancement of Women with Smita Shah

In the world of business, anyone of any background can make it big with just a simple idea. The spread of technology has made this even easier in the 21st century. However, this is still one major hurdle affecting a sizable portion of the population. Women are not as proactive in the business industry, and even fewer reach name recognition status. Smita Shah has spent over three decades of her life devoted to raising the bar for her fellow women. The Premiere Gazette recently published an author where Smita Shah describes the fundamental problems blocking women’s path to success.


In order to understand Smita Shah’s hardliner approach to women’s working abilities, one just has to look at her upbringing. Smita Shah was raised in an environment that encourages her personal growth as an individual. Rather than put her down for standing out, her friends and family respected her choices. This was most notable as she frequently choose personal investment over time with friends. However, these choices paid off for Smita Shah in a major way once she entered college. Her math and logistic skills were recognized by her peers when they needed help. It was this event that pushed her passion to new heights. In 1998 she personally stepped first foot into the male donation through creating a new engineering company. Learn more:


This business was a defining feature of what she had been advocating towards. Smita Shah believed from the bottom of her heart that women could work on equal footing with males, and produce the same if not better results. This was the image she was trying to project into a young generation of females who were looking for a light. It was a sign that the negative social stigma of being weak and passive could be destroyed. Smita Shah was becoming the beacon of hope she always dreamed of becoming.


Smita Shah understands that workplace success doesn’t just come easily to be many women. She lays out a series of guidelines to help her peers navigate this tough world. The first step is believing in yourself and following your beliefs at all costs. She encourages women to not rush themselves into working up the corporate ladder. All good things come to those who wait. Smita Shah finds that focusing on short term goals is an effective means to work your way into a long term place. Holding your ground each step of the say is essential to gaining respect needed to advance.


The world of today has women in positions they could have never dreamed of a few decades ago. She is proud of the change that has been accomplished, and understands that there is plenty more to do.

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