Teach To One: Making Better Students

While it is crucial that all students learn the standards that the state and country mandate that they learn, school is much more important than just becoming proficient in academic standards. While learning and becoming proficient in academic standards children also need to learn perseverance, time management, collaboration, and digital literacy.

Teach One allows students to become academically proficient while also learning these important life skills. Through the Teach to One program students are able to learn the importance of perseverance. The standards and curriculum of the Teach to One program are rigorous and designed to challenge students but the interventions of teachers and support of other staff members help encourage students to preserve to meet the challenges.

Students using the Teach to One program also have the ability to work at their own pace using their own personalized curriculum. Since students can work at their own pace they must improve their time management skills. One of the skills that most students lack that can cause problems later in life is the ability to manage their time and get things done. The advisors and teachers at Teach to One work with students to ensure that they are always on track and are always progressing towards their goals. If they notice that students are not progressing they perform academic interventions to help students be successful.

Students are also able to learn how to collaborate with both other students and teachers. Students are often placed into small groups where they can get special help from teachers. During these small group interactions, students must learn how to work with others to achieve a common goal. To know more about Teach to One visit crunchbase.com

Using the Teach to One program students are also given the opportunity to enhance their digital literacy skills. Many of the lessons and assignments take place on the computer. Students will learn how to use a computer for things other than surfing the internet. They will improve their typing, navigation, and collaboration skills. These skills that they learn digitally will be crucial for their future careers and in college.