TalkSpace and its tremendous success

TalkSpace has been signing deals with large organizations. The company is regarded as one of the best in the mental health industry for its impressive performance. They signed an agreement with Magellan Health, which is a renowned organization providing insurance services. The current CEO is Oren Frank who is also the founder of TalkSpace which started in 2012. The entrepreneur who understands depression and anxiety was not satisfied with the way many people were not getting the proper treatment. Although there is a large number of people who have depression today, many of them cannot access treatment services because they are busy or they cannot afford the charges.

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Oren Frank decided to start a messaging app to ensure as many people as possible would access the services. He has since worked hard to grow the app and attract many users who need professional services from qualified individuals. He believes the tremendous success is because of the many people who need these services. Millions of people have turned to the online platform where experienced and professional counsellors offer therapy services. Frank is someone who has experienced issues in his relationship, and this is why he decided to start a platform to help others.

The technology has made things easy because those affected can now communicate with experts even when they are far away. You can use video calls, audio and messaging services. These methods of communication have proved to be effective because many have received the help they needed since the launch of the company. Frank is always working to ensure communication is easy and straightforward. He has also collaborated with licensed therapy service providers making the business authentic.

Partnering with other large organizations and investors is one of the best decisions for Frank. It has enabled the business to grow to become a globally recognized one. If you have depression, TalkSpace is there to offer you the services you need most.