Talkspace, A Tailored Psychological Solution

Talkspace is a foundational app for anyone who’s is looking into making themselves better people and who are willing to commit to a journey of self betterment and growth. The website and app is for anyone especially those who are on the go all the time and need a form of catharsis to help themselves to function better in everyday life. The reason why Talkspace is so much better than an in office therapy session is because the lack of traffic and the cut down on the expenses associated with seeing a therapist in the first place. Read more at to know more about Talkspace.

Self care is an important rule of life and what a better way to take intensive care of ones mental health than to have unlimited access to a professional psychologist who can communicate in which ever way the client prefers be it texting, voice messaging, or even face to face video chat. Talkspace is suited to the needs of the individual because in the first steps of even creating an account with them they ask an array of questions to pinpoint exactly what therapist would be the most beneficial to the client seeking treatment. The cost of Talkspace is a mere fifty nine dollars a week compared to the traditional two hundred dollars per session that a clinical therapist would work with. The cost benefits are obvious but what is not obvious is that these therapists are just as qualified to offer an ear to listen and to give insightful psychological tricks as an ordinary therapist.

Whether the clients are based in couples therapy or if it’s just one client the possibilities are basically endless when it comes to finding the solution for the clients specific needs based on their profile and answers to the survey that they answered to in the beginning of setting up their account. Talkspace is also for a wide array of personality types as well because texting could be more in line with the individual who happens to be more introverted while more extroverted types of people would rather access their therapist through a direct video chat.

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