Taking Health & Wholeness to New Levels: Thee Juice N-Aide

The juice bar which is under the supervision and ownership of Tiffany Anderson has taken another step to boost the concept of being healthy. Thee Juice N-Aide which is the juice bar previously known or called as In Thee Beginning are celebrating a total month as their name was changed. The juice bar is located in Fairfield Downtown.

They have invited some people to their Open House which is going to be on 18th August 2018. The owner Tiffany Anderson cleared her stance that the primary goal of the bar is to provide with stuff which is healthy and organic. She has played smarter by introducing many local products which match the actual criteria of their company. The juice bar has already listed many local products on their menu card which are vegetables, fruits, and different herbs. All the items they use are fresh which they use to make different juices, shakes, wraps, and pizzas. The customers also buy Organo Gold coffee which matches their standard of healthiness. Anderson said that she wants to be with the people who are working with the same criteria of providing healthy stuff. She arranged workshops to aware the customers and masses about the importance of nutrition.

Thee Juice N-Aide also provides a customized meal to different people based on the type of nutrition they want. It also includes keto diet and the gluten free diet. The Open House will help to create awareness among people with lots of samples of foods and giveaways