Swipe Right on Greg Blatt: Versatile Businessman

If you met your honey on Tinder or Match.com in the last few years, you have Greg Blatt to thank.

A versatile businessman, Blatt’s education and early professional background is actually in law, but he has had his sights set on the online dating industry for the past 10 years. After receiving a Doctor of Law from Columbia, Greg Blatt worked with a few law firms in the Greater New York City area. In 1999, as the first big show of his versatility, Blatt joined Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia as an Executive Vice President. He remained with Martha Stewart Living for nearly five years, during which time he filmed a tutorial with Stewart herself on how to make a “Mean Margarita.” The adorable clip is still readily available on the vast internet.

Greg Blatt got his start in the online dating world as the CEO of Match.com in 2009, and has been blessing the industry ever since. As mentioned previously, those who use tech dating in their everyday life owe Blatt a big thank you. No, he did not found Tinder or Match, but he did serve as CEO, chairman, and executive chairman of both entities, and just like every other company he has touched, both have turned to gold in his presence. Tinder and Match experienced enormous increases in revenue and productivity while under Greg Blatt’s direction.

Though he plans to extend his ever-helping hand to other industries, Blatt has no doubt left a mark on the tech dating field. From studying law at one of the most prestigious universities in America, to blending margaritas with the OG queen of DIY, to improving dating sites and apps that many Americans depend on in the modern dating scene, Greg Blatt’s versatility remains unmatched. He has taught the business world that an industry switch actually is possible for those who have the proper resources, and an immortal video file of a businessman making cocktails with a domestic crafts icon is the latest resume booster.

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