Sustaining Important Ecosystems With Sharon Prince

With over 80 acres of naturally sustained lands, Grace Farms is a non-profit educational facility in southwest Connecticut. Their dedication to land conservation, sustainability and education comes together with their on-site programs for the community. Grace Farms offers year-round education and activities from a mile-long walking trail to hands-on gardening classes with experts in the industry.

Seasonal activities at Grace Farms allow the community to experience the flourishing wildlife, with over 60 species of birds including hawks, owls, finches and warblers. In addition to bird-watching and other views of wildlife, the facility has guided tours every month between June and September.

The community gardens at Grace Farms give the public a chance to learn sustainability of important ecosystems, with an emphasis on home gardening and basic farming methods. Guests can learn from an industry expert, Nick Mancini, on how to prune trees and plants, sowing, seed planting and much more.

While visiting Grace Farms, the community can enjoy the food and drink facilities that offer organic, nutritious produce and meals. Among the nutritional amenities offered, Grace Farms has donated over 400 pounds each year to local charities, food banks and other non-profit businesses.

At the front of this nature-conscious facility, Sharon Prince works to improve the communication between people in order to advance social and environmental barriers. She is the Chair and President of the Grace Farms Foundation, which was established in 2009 and opened in 2015.

Her vision for changing our world focuses on engaging with people and places in our world, including justice, arts and nature. Her vision has led to many awards to the Grace Farms Foundation, including Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Award for Social Good and the AIA National 2017 Architecture Honor Award.

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