Sussex Healthcare Ensuring Adequate Health Care For Older People

Situated on the southern coast of England, Sussex Healthcare facility has been offering care to senior citizens and other patients in need of specialized care for the past twenty years.

The collaboration of its two top leaders – Shafik Sacheldina and Shiraz Boghaini has brought their divergent backgrounds and skills to the facility. Sacheldina is a professional dentist and Shafik has been serving in the hospitality industry for years.

Today over twenty facilities operate under Sussex’s umbrella, including daycare and contemporary gym facilities. The company takes care of older patients with dementia as well as younger people with cognitive problems. It caters to each and every person regardless of whether or not they need extensive care needs.

Individuals in the company’s care enjoy continued access to social, recreational and leisure activities. The individual activity plans are based on the patient’s interest.

Co-chairmen: Shiraz Boghaini and Shafik Sachedina
CEO: Amanda Morgan-Taylor
Board Members: Corrine Wallace, Professor Nick Bosanquet and Peter Catchpole

Types of care
The Sussex Healthcare operates under a philosophy that believes in the provision of a superior social, emotional, physical and spiritual care to their clients. The facility strives to help people put in its care to live a complete life with the support of superior facilities and trained staff. It offers meals, accommodation, and social and personalized care to clients in tranquil environments.

Adults regardless of age with physical development or learning problems are offered care at several Sussex facilities, including spa pools, multisensory rooms and track hoisting. Transportation to such facilities are provided.

Food ingredients for patients in these facilities are typically sourced locally. The menus can also be flexible for individuals with specific nutritional needs.

There are several residential facilities for senior citizens, such as Clemsfold House – which is located near Horsham village, Forest Lodge, Kingsmead Care Center, Rapkyns Care Home, Upper Mead, Longfield Manor, and Horncastle House.

Sussex Healthcare also provides special care dental services to older people and younger patients who need special care dentistry relating to learning disabilities, severe mental illness, autistic spectrum disorders, looked after children, and people with disability who require treatment under general anesthesia.

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