Stream Cares Changing Texas Communities for the Good

Stream Energy is a Dallas-based company founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji that provides energy, wireless, protective, and home services. The company sells electric and gas service in seven different states while all of their other services are offered nationwide. Stream Energy has seen higher praise than before through their new philanthropic department of the company, Stream Cares.

Stream Cares was first started after Hurricane Harvey dumped over 50 inches of rain across just Houston alone. As Texas natives, Stream Energy created Stream Cares to give back to the community. With Stream Cares, they partnered up with Dallas-based Hope Supply Co which conveniently provides for homeless children with diapers, school supplies, clothes and more. Stream Cares was able to put on an event with Hope Supply Co called the annual Splash for Hope, hosted at the Hawaiian Falls water park where homeless kids were able to enjoy a day of fun with Stream Cares covering entrance and meal costs for over 1,000 of the kids. The company also helped near the end of 2016 when tornadoes hit North Texas right after Christmas, destroying many homes and businesses. Many of those working for Stream Energy decided to start their own fundraiser and at the end, Stream Cares doubled the donations that were brought in. The local community of Dallas is glad that Stream Cares was able to help many homeless children and those who lost their housing from weather events.

The military community in Dallas was also benefited by Stream Cares as they donated transportation to military veterans one December to provide a delicious BBQ lunch of burgers, steaks, ribs, and much more at a restaurant. Family of military members was also helped, with daughters of military personnel getting to enjoy the American Girl Doll Experience co-hosted by Stream Cares. 10 girls were able to pick out their very own American Girl doll which they got to take home, and then ate lunch at the American Girl Cafe. These events and more are just a beginning of the future in which Stream Cares makes sure communities in Texas are taken care of.