Stratford Shields On How To Expand Your Business And His Career Journey

Public finance banker Stratford Shields is an innovative mind and out of the box thinker when it comes to his client’s financial matters. He has worked with in the financial industry for over 20 years and has plenty of experience and knowledge that makes him a sure fit for his job. The financial expert is currently the managing director for Loop Capital Markets.

Mr. Shields previous jobs were also in the finance field. He worked at Morgan Stanley where he was the head of public finance for 5 years. Stratford gained a lot of experience from this Wall Street job, but eventually moved onto a government/political job. At the Ohio Office of Management and Budget, Mr. Shields served as the deputy director. He also served as the president of the state controlling board.

To be truly successful in any field, taking an innovative approach is what does the trick, according to Stratford Shields. Finding new ways to work with client’s finances takes a certain amount of brainstorming and innovative thinking to bring ideas alive. The financial expert made over $30 billion dollar in transactions for the companies he worked for. Stratford earned a Bachelor of Arts in history from Ohio State University. If that wasn’t enough of the education, Mr. Shields continued on to earn his Master of Arts and Master of Business Administration degree in political science from Columbia University.

The successful businessman starts his mornings pretty early. When he is not traveling to meet clients and such, Mr. Shields is in the office hard at work. Most of his day is all about strategizing and thinking. Then he brings his ideas to life by discussing them with clients. Reading a lot keeps Stratford up to date on what’s going on in the world, but also helps him in his job as managing director at Loop Capital Markets. Mr Shields wants to give some good advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow and expand their businesses. It is simple according to the expert. You must know and understand your clients. When you understand what they really want and need, you can be immensely successful, thus bringing in more business.