Steve Ritchie And Papa John’s Promote Diversity

Over the course of the last few months, the pizza chain Papa John’s has been dealing with a leadership change. The new CEO of Papa John’s is Steve Ritchie. Mr. Ritchie has over 25 years of experience in the industry, and he has worked tirelessly over the last few months to address concerns that many have with the Papa John’s organization.

As part of his efforts to help restore confidence in the Papa John’s pizza chain, Steve Ritchie went on a listening tour to find out how Papa John’s can do better. One of the things that Mr. Ritchie learned is that Papa John’s needed to make more effort in promoting diversity within the company.

In order to help promote more diversity, the leadership at the Papa John’s corporate headquarters has undergone training in how to recognize unconscious bias. This same training will be given to all Papa John’s employees in the near future.

Steve Ritchie will also work to promote diversity at Papa John’s through a diversity advisory group. This group will help Mr. Ritchie to identify the ways that Papa John’s can promote diversity and a diverse workforce.

One of the ideas that is already taking shape is an expansion of minority-owned Papa John’s franchises. A new foundation will also be formed that will allow Papa John’s to work in diverse communities and promote programs that will benefit people in those communities.

Steve Ritchie has stated on social media platforms that it is his desire to make sure that people from diverse backgrounds come together and work together at Papa John’s. Steve Ritchie has made it clear that bias and discrimination will not be tolerated at any level of the Papa John’s organization.

Financial analysts believe that by promoting diversity, Steve Ritchie will be able to help turn Papa John’s back into the respected and profitable company that many throughout the country know and love.