Southridge Capital Excels through Excellent Customer Service.

One of the financial institutions that have brought a lot of freedom to the financial borrowers in the United States has been Southridge Capital. The organization has been focused on the ordinary citizens who have been going through financial difficulties and struggles whenever they happen to take loans from the financial institutions. Some of the individuals occasionally get into the dangerous hands of auctioneers who subject their properties to disrespectful sales after they have failed to raise enough money to repay their borrowed funds. Due to a constant observation of the same practice between the borrowers and the lenders, Stephen M. Hicks, who is the founder and the current principal of the organization decided to establish Southridge as a solution to the problems and financial challenges that the credit customers were undergoing.


In 1996, Stephen M. Hicks laid the foundation for Southridge Capital. The organization was founded on solid pillars all of which were client oriented and were all focused on relieving the everyday customer of the financial institutions the pain that they underwent as a result of unfavorable financial conditions. The first pillar on which the company was founded was customer training. The customers of Southridge Capital were subjected to mandatory training whenever they decided to borrow money from the organization. Through this program, the customers learn about the most effective ways to refund the loans and hence they can escape any disputes that arise whenever the borrowers fail to meet their debt obligations. You can visit to see more.



The other pillar is enshrined in the recruitment process of the company’s employees. Southridge Capital ensures that all the members of staff that it recruits are professional and qualify to work for the organization. Besides that, the qualified employees are also trained in customer service to make sure that their customer handling skills are enhanced. As a result, the clients of the organization confess that the services they get from Southridge Capital are unmatched to any other company in the industry. In an interview that was conducted recently by the IdeaMensch, the President of the company indicated that the organization’s success is grounded on the excellent customer service that is rendered by the employees to the clients of the organization. You can checkout their twitter account for more details.