Sheldon Lavin Is a Legendary CEO

The career that Sheldon Lavin has managed to put together is truly something to behold. He has come from very humble beginnings to become one of the most powerful and respected executives in the United States. He started out as an accountant. He would work with small business owners and help them to get financing to expand their businesses. He enjoyed doing this because he always liked to help people. His life would change forever when he would meet a man named Otto who was very interested in starting his own meat processing company. He was looking for a loan and Sheldon helped him to get it.

Sheldon Lavin stayed in touch with Otto as the years went by. Otto’s business was doing very well. There came a point when Sheldon decided that he wanted to operate the business himself. Therefore, he bought a controlling interest in the company from Otto. Sheldon took the company in a new direction that turned out to be very profitable for every person involved. Otto was mainly focused on just making a profit. Sheldon had bigger dreams. He wanted to expand the company across the country. This is exactly what he did.

Sheldon Lavin changed the name of the company from Otto & Sons to OSI Group. It was under this name that the company began to dominate the meat processing industry across the United States. Sheldon opened up several facilities in other states. The response to the new facilities was tremendous. He had so many new customers that he could hardly keep track of all the orders. OSI Group then expanded into other countries. Sheldon’s grand plan was to eventually dominate the meat processing industry around the world. He formed very lucrative partnerships with countries like China. The company was now making more money than ever before.

Sheldon Lavin has done many remarkable things since he became the CEO of OSI Group. He took a small Chicago company and turned it into a business that is known around the world. His ability to make deals and treat his employees good have served him very well. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award