Sharon Prince Uses The Arts To Highlight Inequality In its Many Forms

Just how unequal is the world? This is a question the philanthropist and activist Sharon Prince is trying to address with her work at the Grace Farms Foundation. The construction of the site has been a pet project of Prince since it was conceived almost a decade ago following the foundation of a nondenominational church under the Grace Farms banner. Sharon Prince is much more than simply the President of the foundation, she is the driving force behind almost every decision made by the group.

One of the main causes of the Grace Farms Foundation is fighting human trafficking in its many forms and bringing an end to modern-day slavery. The arrival of Sharon Prince in this sector has been met with much praise as she has sought to patronize the artists who are fighting to raise awareness of the problems facing different groups around the world. One of the minority groups subject to the highest form of inequality is male African-Americans who often suffer the most from social injustice in the U.S. Artist Carrie Mae Weems is intent on raising awareness of this problem and made her way to Grace Farms for an extended residency beginning in April 2019.

Weems is a well-known figure for philanthropists, activists, and art lovers around the world after her work was shown at some of the leading institutions on the planet. Inequality and the moral responsibility of the majority are the main subjects of the “Past Tense” work Carrie Mae Weems began her residency with. The ancient Greek play “Antigone” forms the basis of the updated version created by Carrie Mae Weems as she brings a full Greek choir to the stage to accompany her. The story details the fight of Antigone against the ruler of her nation who is oppressing individuals and stifling free speech. Sharon Prince Grace Farms pointed out the work is as much about the current political climate as it is about ancient Greek history.

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