Sergey Petrossov is the Brains Behind JetSmarter

We have all heard of Uber, the rideshare program that allows drivers to make the most of their car and to provide paid rides to those that are close by. CEO of JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov is working to make his company the Uber of the skies.

Sergey Petrossov moved to the United States with his family at a very young age in an effort to find more opportunities. He moved to Florida where he found his love of aviation and his love of creating new technology and starting businesses. Along with other students from his college, he started several different companies and then began to learn about aviation and the need for innovation in the private jet industry.

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov wants to make flying something completely different. He found, through research, that of the thousands of private jets that are in the sky and at airports each day, not nearly all of them are full. His company, JetSmarter is designed to make it possible for users to charter these nearby private jets so that the owner and those looking to fly benefit. The company works to help those looking for a private jet to charter one nearby on a moment’s notice.

Users pay a yearly subscription fee and are given access to flights, discounts, and jet shuttles that are nearby so that they can fly where they want when they want. Fliers can either fly private or they can charter flights with other fliers for a truly interactive and community-like feeling. The CEO is working to create even more innovation in the jet industry and he is working to improve the technology of the company each and every day.

Private jets are a huge industry and through hard work, innovation, and technology, Sergey Petrossov is making waves and making a name for himself that will not soon be forgotten with his company, JetSmarter and the services that they offer.