Sergey Petrossov: Doing Is Believing!


“Our business wouldn’t exist without word-of-mouth. We’re growing as a social network would”. – Sergey Petrossov

Out Of His Mouth And Into The Sky!

This 31-year-old business genius could not have said it better.  His business, JetSmarter is growing just as a social network would and should! Private jet travel is a luxury ticket jaunt that most people will never perience. However, the people who do fly private jets all around the world today are coming to appreciate the JetSmarter experience.

When Sergey Petrossov started JetSmarter in 2013, it started as a digital data platform. The concept is simple, JetSmarter is like the Uber of the private jet industry. They do not own any of their jets. Rather, they utilize the underutilized flight hours of private jet companies. At the time of JetSmarter launch, private jets were only operating at 10 to 15% of their capacity.

Sergey Petrossov Opened His Very Big, Yet Very Brilliant Mouth

This is where the word-of-mouth concept comes into play. Private jetting is not a common place thing however people who are of that elk who are affluent and are able to pay membership fees as well as the much higher than commercial flight fees,  are willing to pay for an experience. JetSmarter is offering a luxurious experience and word-of-mouth says “Go for it”. The Uberesqueness of the experience opens the private jet industry up to the commercial jet flyers who want a more luxurious experience.


Sergey Petrossov Is Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is

JetSmarter is utilizing what was left vacant, literally in the private jet space. It’s as simple as an app on your phone.  Members can now book flights on luxurious private jets without the antiquated analog experience. This is how this portion of our society lives, time is money, rather than standing on the endless TSA lines at the commercial airport, jet smarter members can zip through the boarding process and get to the other side of their business –  where the money is.