Sergey Petrossov develops jet set community

SERGEY PETROSSOVWhile at University of Florida, entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov worked for his first startup and quickly learned that the right technology can bring value in a short time.
His first startup, an education technology firm that provided cloud-based software for Russian and Eastern European educational institutions interested in offering online and remote courses. A testament to his entrepreneurial talents, the company continues operating today.
His second project, private jet aviation app, JetSmarter, helps people fly on private jets for less – less problems at a more efficient cost.
He first flew on a private jet in 2009 and the first thing he noticed was the inefficiency. In order to book a plane, you had to phone the aviation firm, request the booking, fill out paperwork faxed or mailed to you, then return it via fax. Since this was only a decade ago, he was struck by the analog nature of it all. With cell phones prevalent, apps should be, too. Petrossov had his second idea.
He created JetSmarter.
It attempts to connect the 17,000 private jets around the world so people can reserve them as if they were booking a car via Uber or Lyft. For a $14,000 membership fee, a member gets to book seats at their leisure on flights another person booked. For a small fee, they can book their own private flight or book the plane and allow all the other seats to be purchased by other members.

This has served to develop an efficient mode of private travel among the jet set plus it has enabled the creation of a community of diverse individuals. These travelers might normally not meet although they share similar economic standing. But, by traveling together on a private jet, they can get to know one another in a safe environment.