Securus Technologies Helps Families Celebrate Christmas

Recently, Securus Technologies released a series of informational videos highlighting the Video Visitation program. In the Securus video, there was a male inmate calling his family and helping his significant other wake their son to watch him open each of his presents and see what Santa brought on Christmas eve.


The father of the child was able to participate in Christmas day by connecting through a video screen, and being an active participant in one of his son’s special memories. These types of video visits are becoming more frequent in use in prisons and jails across the nation. I believe with these types of face to face visits the recidivism rate will drop sharply as inmates are able to stay connected with family and be a part of what’s happening in life outside the inmate’s facility.


Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation software is a two way video screen service that allows an inmate to use the screens located in a kiosk at the facility and contact a loved one who is using a tablet, smart phone, or computer with a camera. The family can also schedule a block of time, with the Securus system to contact their incarcerated loved one.


This service is just one of many that Securus Technologies offers to the public. Serving over 3400 public buildings and helping over 1,200,000 inmates communicate nationwide, Securus specializes in emergency response, incident management, investigation, inmate self service, biometric analysis, incident management and information management.


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  1. Jag Hempe Post author

    Video Visitation service is a great idea for families who have small children and maybe can’t visit the facility with the kids or those who are unable to visit due to health, mobility, or distance. I do know for sure that rush my paper writing service would want a way for these ones to become a gush bag is whatever they do.

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