Securus Technologies Continues its Innovation Streak with the Wireless Containment Solution

Securus Technologies is North America’s leader in the design and creation of technology that is designed to keep prisons, correctional facilities and law enforcement safe from the rising number of threats that occur when cell phones fall into the wrong hands. While Securus Technologies provides thousands of security solutions, the latest one the company has released is perhaps the most revolutionary technology yet to be seen in combating the threats of contraband cell phones inside correctional institutions. In fact, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, made a statement that he is proud that his company either releases a new technology every week or makes vast positive enhancements to current technology. The company is known as being highly innovative. Being in the industry of utilizing technology to stay one step ahead of crime, Securus Technology has a reputation for being the most innovative in the industry.


The latest technology from Securus, the Wireless Containment Solution, offers the most prolific and concrete solution to battle crimes being committed from inside correctional facilities that can harm those outside the prison system. The Wireless Containment Solution has already been installed in thousands of prison facilities and is increasing its reach every day.


The Wireless Containment Solution has a variety of benefits. As its main function, it blocks contraband cell phones from being able to make outgoing calls or send text messages. The system alerts prison security anytime an unauthorized cell phone attempts to make contact. This allows corrections officers to take immediate action before any harm, such as someone contracting a hit or hiding evidence, can be done. Additionally, the Wireless Containment Solution can pinpoint the specific location of the contraband cell phone device.


Of course, the first benefit this has is to confiscate them immediately. Second, it also allows for prison security to know exactly who is bringing in cell phones and when. This allows them to create a profile of exactly why those inmates would want access to cell phones and determine who is bringing them in. The Wireless Containment Solution also prevents the same unauthorized cell phones from being connected to wireless networks, both those inside the prison used by staff and rouge wireless networks.


While we use cell phones every day and think nothing of how much potential harm they can cause, Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer, has a story that shows exactly how dangerous they can be. Mr. Johnson’s home was broken into one morning while he was getting ready for work. He was shot multiple times. While he survived, he has had to have over twenty surgeries just to maintain quality of time. The hit was ordered by an inmate from inside prison who was angry at Mr. Johnson for confiscating contraband.


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