Sadie Keller Impact on Affected Cancer Kids and Families

Sadie Keller is a survivor of Acute Leukemia and is ten years. She is the motivation behind the mission of Sadie Keller Foundation. The foundation is committed to empowering and supporting children and families struggling with cancer. For families who have young patients and feel terrified due to the illness, the foundation is there offer love, support, and care. Also, they want more resources to be allocated to cancer research institutes to curb pediatric cancer. By doing this, they will be able to transform lives and innovate better treatment. It will lead to fast therapy and early diagnosis of the illness.

Her inspiration by making videos

Sadie Keller began taking videos talking about her experiences with battling cancer as a kid. It was only two months after she knew about her illness. The purpose of creating those videos was to assist other kids who felt scared. Also, she was able to make them aware of what they should expect in the future. The videos became a source of strength and inspiration for numerous childhood cancer patients. She acted as a role model to the ailing kids suffering in silence and have inadequate support in their growth.

Her involvement and partnership to fight cancer

Sadie Keller videos got broadcasted on ESPN concerning the cancer research program. Later, she started to work with The Truth 365, which is a documentary film. It is a social media campaign which offers a voice for kids fighting all types of cancer. When she was struggling with cancer, she managed to be an outspoken advocate for families undergoing the same issue. The primary purpose of Sadie Keller Foundation is to improve awareness and offer support for families. Also, it intends to motivate more allocation to cancer research facilities for kids. By doing this, they will assist more children to continue with their usual activities like playing with other kids.