Rubica Helps You Avoid Cyber Attacks

A rise in the level of cyber-attacks has caused many damages to companies, individuals, and governments. A good example is the WannaCry that attacked 300, 000 computers and other digital devices in 150 countries in May 2017. The ransomware in the computers is said to have been the worst attack of its kind. To avoid such cases, companies are asked to install serious cyber security measures.

Cyber security is important as the cost of cyber crime has been on the rise since 2013. Between 2013 and 2015, the cost is said to have quadrupled to almost $500billion. By 2021, the cyber security ventures report that the cost is likely to have risen to $6trillion annually ( The estimated cost includes data damage and destruction, stolen money, theft of intellectual property, theft of financial data, funds embezzlements, fraud, hacked and deleted data, forensic investigational, and even the disruption that occurs in business just to mention a few. The rise of cyber-attacks on medical devices has also risen greatly and is expected to reach $101billion by the year 2018.

Cyber security is also important because the severity of attacks is also rising. PwC reported that the attacks have become more destructive as they target a broader array of attack vectors and information. Case in point, Hillary’s emails became public news during her campaign when people hacked into her personal information. Politicians face a huge threat, where their personal information is concerned (Facebook).


Instead of spending weeks changing passwords and updating software, which can still be hacked into, download the Rubica App that safeguards all your information from cyber-attack. It only takes five minutes to download the app. Rubica eliminates the complex cyber security issue and takes care of it for the information owner behind the scene. The App protects the cyber criminals from accessing and using your finances for their personal gain. One is advised to download the app for each of their devices, including tablets, phones, computers, among others etc. Companies are also advised to contact Rubica for cyber security as the high costs from the attacks can cause them high losses. They can also install the apps on all their company computers.