Remarkable achievements of KOI IXS under Edwin Miranda’s leadership

Based in Puerto Rico’s San Juan, KOI IXS refers to a marketing agency driven by performance and characterized by full service. Edwin Miranda has both passion and talent and views himself a lucky one in association with his able group comprising of thinkers, creators, strategists, and designers. Often, he keeps the firm vision on points as well as combining the common talents linked to the production of opportunities that should be established.

Edwin Miranda’s academic record is great, and he graduated from InterAmerican University. He earned his Business Administration’s degree, and his graduation from the institution happened in 1995. It adds to his Studies at the Massachusetts Technological Institute that made him graduate for his innovation and strategy certificate.

Apart from leveraging a rich history connected to powerful work brands and passion associated with the technology of marketing, he finds it interesting to give the clienteles what they require to succeed with regards to the contemporary market which is congested. Miranda has a lot of confidence concerning the ability of performance marketing. He also possesses the drive aimed at facilitating the international brand gain a more significant market share, reaching new clientele and setting considerable customer indulgence. The globe keeps changing, but he is happy and optimistic about the business leaders’ response to the contemporary evolution.

Edwin Miranda is extensively skilled in association with real estates’ development which adds up to his commitment towards the success of his encounters. The team he works with has firm dedication in addition to being eager about reaching the demands and goals that are in place because of the customers.

After a remarkable hotel opening phase within two years, the group understands the significance of their existence within the social media platforms. The unique appearance, passion, and strategic thinking by Edwin Miranda transformed the firm to a better level. This had a great effect as the new customers facilitated the best sales’ lines. To watch videos click here.