Rebel Wilson Isn’t It Romantic the Best Rom-Com to Watch Come 2019

The year 2018 has been quite a big year, especially for romantic comedy films. Rom-coms such as Crazy Rich Asians, Set It Up and the Kissing Booth have all been a success. Next year also seems to be a promising year as the groundbreaking romantic comedy film Isn’t It Romantic is set to be released on the eve of the Valentine’s Day.

Rebel Wilson has just unveiled the trailer of the movie during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Wilson is the lead actress in the film and has been doing media tours to promote the upcoming film that is being billed as a game changer.

Rebel Wilson while at the show discussed the film plot and the storyline is something like this: Wilson who stars as Natalie a New York-based architect grows up being pessimistic about love her entire life. However, her perception changes after being hit by a pole while escaping a mugging incident at the NYC subway station.

Natalie is knocked unconscious only to wake up and find herself living in a rom-com complete with a handsome suitor Blake who falls in love with her at first sight. Natalie afterward develops an interest for another guy Josh, her best friend and become confused one whom to choose between the two.

Liam Hemsworth in the film stars as Blake while Adam DeVine appears as Josh. The other key figure in the movie is the celebrated Indian actress Priyanka Chopra who appears in the film as yoga ambassador in whom Josh has interests in. Other cast crew members include Glow’s Betty Gilpin who appears as Natalie’s assistant and best friend. Brandon Scott Jones also features as Donny Natalie’s neighbor and also represents the LGBTQ community. Read more: Stunning Transformation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

The film is indeed a game changer as everything from the premise; characters to the music and the released date are all full of creativity. The fantastic team behind this most anticipated film includes Todd Strauss- Schulson who is the film director; Todd Garner, Gina Mathews, and Grant Scharbo are the film producers. The fantastic, thrilling story was written by Erin Cardillo, Katie Silberman, and Dana Fox. The film will debut on the screens on February 14, 2019, by the Warner Bros Picture in the US and Netflix in the UK.

Rebel Wilson the lead actress in the movie is one of the most celebrated movie actresses globally. Wilson hails from Australia but has since relocated to the US in pursuit of her career. Wilson beside acting is a renowned movie writer and producer. Wilson is also an entrepreneur, and among many businesses, she has established she has her clothing line.

Rebel Wilson has been in the acting industry for more than a decade now and has been featured in many films and has won numerous awards. Wilson is famously known for appearing in the romantic comedy series Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaid, and Super Fun Night among others. Wilson is an alumnus of the University of New South Wales.