Raj Fernando, Financial Trader, and Philanthropist

Raj Fernando is a successful trader based in the United States. Raj Fernando was born in 1971 in Denmark. His parents and two sisters decided to relocate and settle in the United States when Raj was only a year old. He went for his education in the US.

Raj Fernando founded an institution known as Chopper Trading in the year 2001. The private company is based in Chicago, Illinois. After starting the organization, Raj Fernando worked as the Chief Executive Officer for some years. Under his leadership, Chopper Trading managed to open new branches in San Francisco, New York City, Munich, London, and Washington DC.

Chopper Trading is an institution that mostly focuses on the realms of stagnant income, assets and any other commodity that affects business. The company is currently an associate of the Principal Trader Group. Principal Trader is a group of industries that trade specifically with their private liabilities and assets.

In the year 2012, Chopper Trading was honored by an organization known as Chicago Tribune. According to a report from the company, Chopper Trading was a preferred working place for many employees. The workers in the country would get fringe benefits like pool, shuffleboard, video games and ping pong.

Before starting this successful trading company, Raj Fernando was working as the currency bond trader of an institution known as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Raj also used to work for the Chicago Board of Trade for several years. In the year 2015, the successful businessman decided to sell Chopper Trading to one of the most competitive trading companies in the US, called DRW Trading Group. The company was sold at an unspecified amount.

Raj Fernando has done so well because of his professional experience which revolves in the financial systems. The successful trader is also an advocate for charitable causes in his home area, Chicago and in the whole country. Reports say that Raj Fernando is one of the dedicated fundraisers for the Democrats. In the past, he donated vast sums of money to support President Barack Obama and many other political activities.

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