Profile of Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is an executive who currently works as the chief executive officer of Papa Johns. He became the companies’ leading executive in recent years. As the CEO of Papa Johns, Steve Ritchie has looked to make key changes to the company policies as well as prepare it for its future. Ritchie has been working at Papa Johns for over twenty years. He started at the company when he was at a young age and steadily moved up the ranks. During his time as an employee of Papa Johns, Steve attained experience by serving the company in a number of different positions. This allowed him to learn about every aspect of the company.

Shortly after graduating high school, Steve Ritchie joined Papa Johns. He started out as an employee who worked the counters as well as delivering pizzas. Over time he would move up to higher ranking positions. These included working in the marketing department, production, supply chain and later management. During the next several years, Steve would become a regional manager and provide solid leadership for the company.

After serving as a manger for a number of years, Steve Ritchie went on to become a top executive. One of the most notable positions he had with Papa Johns was as the chief operating officer. At this position, Steve was in charge of overseeing all of the daily activities of the company. He would provide leadership for all of the departments and help them operate more efficiently. As the chief operating officer, Steve was able to use his expertise and experience to help guide the employees who worked in all of the departments. By performing well as the chief operating officer, Steve would eventually get promoted to chief executive officer.

Today, Steve Ritchie is the chief executive officer of Papa Johns. He recently attained this position in order to replace the previous top executive. Since becoming the chief executive officer of Papa Johns, Ritchie has continued to provide important leadership for the company. One of the most significant goals of his term as the CEO of Papa Johns is to prepare the company for the future. He has looked to encourage the development of diversity awareness programs as well as helping franchise owners reach their sales goals. With his new policies as the CEO, Ritchie is looking to make Papa Johns more competitive in the pizza restaurant business.

Since taking over as the chief executive officer of Papa Johns, Steve has looked to help increase sales as well as obtain more capital for the company. He has recently met with investors in order to get more funds to expand Papa Johns. This capital will also be used to help Papa Johns get the funds it needs to continue its operations. Along with added capital, Papa Johns will introduce a number of sales and incentives to entice more customers. The discounts will help the company sell more units and increase its revenues. If this new strategy works, Papa Johns will be able to improve on its recent profitability.