Privinvest: Successful Shipbuilding

Privinvest is a company that builds all different kinds of ships. They have shipyards in several countries. They build yachts to naval fleets. So, if you are needing a private yacht to call your own, this would be the company to contact. Some of what they build is super and mega yachts. There are some countries that need to upgrade their naval fleets with better technology in order to fight off their enemies. Privinvest has been instrumental in making it happen and is considered a dominant force in the shipping industry. They have actually built well over 2000 ships which is more than any other shipbuilding company has ever done.

Iskandar and Akram Safa are brothers who brought Privinvest to life in 1990. The actual headquarters is located in Lebanon. There is a vast array of ships that can be built based on what each country or individual might need. Whether it’s a war vessel or a recreational ship, they are built with the utmost quality and have features that rival other vessels from other countries. They build them in the countries where they have their shipyards located which happens to be about 40 of them.

Privinvest does other things besides shipbuilding. They are into investments such as renewable energy, real estate, media, and hospitality. Also, they have over 2,500 employees that help build these ships for them. You can find other areas where they are invested in as well. Because the shipbuilding industry is very busy, there will always be better vessels as the others that are used tend to get old and needs to be replaced. State of the art superyachts are being built and are very well crafted with plenty of upgrades. If buying one of these mega-yachts is your thing go for it and enjoy your boat.