Getting old is not what it used to be. Far from the idea of sitting in a rocking chair remembering the good ol’ days, seniors are deliberately staying out their comfort zones and leading active lives. Who knew 90-year-olds could cross the finish line of marathons?

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They are fortunate to live in an age of information and technology that benefits those who have decided that aging gracefully is not for them. Indeed, clinical studies prove the benefits exercise and nutrition play in the role of maintaining physical and mental health.

One such promising advancement in helping to curb age-associated memory loss is a very popular nutritional supplement called Prevagen.* And, with millions of satisfied users, sales of Prevagen show no signs of slowing down. In fact, it is number one on the pharmacist’s list of most recommended brands of memory-support vitamins.

Don’t just take our word for it, however. These claims are backed by extensive research conducted by our and other scientific labs. One such trial revealed that various functions of cognitive activity improved using Prevagen over a 90-day period.

In addition, of these subjects, memory was shown to have improved in those with a slight age-related memory impairment. Indeed, researchers concluded that not only does Prevagen help improve memory but aids in concentrating clearer.

Prevagen’s active ingredient is apoaequorin. Found in jellyfish, its medicinal properties are conducive to supporting brain function in a memory-improving capacity.

Studies continue to demonstrate a direct correlation between diet and exercise, and mental and physical health. Thus, memory is not just subject to the changes of maturity: it can respond to internal and external factors such as the aforestated.

The good news is that exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous or boring. Studies in existence today indicate that even brisk walking regularly has memory-enhancing effects. Who knew that doing the Waltz could prove effective just once a week over a 6-month period? And, brain teasers really do have their place in keeping brain cells active. Studies show that games such as Word Find or other word games requiring concentration are beneficial to memory enhancement.

With so much to gain physically and mentally from keeping it moving, it behooves people to stay active. There are gym memberships where you can meet new friends and clubs to join pertaining to your interest.

And, don’t just admire the beautiful water: dive in and take a swim. And if, as researchers believe, that greater blood flows positively impact the brain’s memory-functioning ability, then exercises that get the heart pumping and blood moving to the brain should be welcomed.

We’ve touted the multi-faceted benefits of exercise, but there is another piece of the memory-improvement puzzle. In this capacity, you may wish to speak to your doctor about incorporating Prevagen into your healthy lifestyle regime. After all, there are passwords, codes, appointments and grandchildren’s names that must constantly be recalled. Thus, as we say at Quincy Bioscience: “Healthier brain, better life!”

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*These statements are based on studies regarding the effects of exercise and supplements on brain health. They have not been evaluated by the FDA. Prevagen is not intended to treat or cure brain ailments or injuries.

As with all dietary supplements, consumers should consult with their doctors before use. For more information on Prevagen or to read about our studies, please visit

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