Plastic Surgeon Mark Mofid Specializes In Surgeries That Other Practitioners Won’t Dabble In

Buttock augmentation and implants falls in an area of expertise only of a few plastic surgeons in San Diego are willing to perform as this risky procedure can have adverse effects if the right techniques are not chosen. Mark Mofid, a Plastic Surgeon who has undergone years of training at both Harvard and Johns Hopkins is a trained, certified doctor and the preferred choice for patients who need complicated procedures done. Dr. Mark Mofid specializes not only in traditional implant cases but also gruesome cases of surgeries gone wrong by hacks from around the world.

Dr. Mark Mofid, works with Gluteal augmentation both through implants and other substances such as fat, while keeping anthropologic origins as well as the safety of his patients in mind. While others consider buttock implants as a battle impossible to win, Dr. Mark Mofid has created a unique approach that is both innovative and safe. This method involves using intramuscular implants within a set safety limit for their body structure. He neither recommends or performs surgeries that are too large for their body frame and the limit for him is a maximum of 330 ccs.

Subfacial placement is a technique that is often used by many doctors especially those who are not well versed in the art of plastic surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid refuses to perform operations using this technique, and he has stated on a few occasions that, bigger implants tend to have a higher risk of palpability, malposition and incisional separation, which will eventually make these implants move to an inferior position due to the effects of gravity. While he uses fat grafting as part of routine procedures as fat grafting implies a shorter recovery time and more chances of being accepted by the body, he is also known to perform high end and designer buttock augmentation surgeries.

People who know and have worked with Plastic Surgeon Mark Mofid, often speak about his warm and caring nature towards patients as he makes them feel comfortable, gets to know them in detail and then designs a tailor-made treatment plan based on their needs, wants and body structures.