Philanthropy is my Back Bone says, Betsy DeVos

It is said you never know what you have until you lose it but as for U.S.A they will not stand a chance to lose Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos is the current serving 11th U.S. secretary of education. She was nominated by President Donald J. Trump and on 7th February 2017 confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Betsy DeVos is a mother to four children and six grandchildren, married to Dick DeVos a community activist, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist too.

Betsy DeVos philanthropy work was initiated at her early age by her mother who worked at a public school as a teacher. Furthermore, Betsy DeVos’s interest in philanthropy grew after her children joined the Potter’s House Christian school and it came to her realization that not all children in the US stood a chance to get a quality education.

As a start, Betsy and Dick realized that in the school where their kids were, it was a real sacrifice for some parents to provide the needs their children wanted for example fees. While Having the resources to send his children to whichever school they wanted, Betsy and Dick thought it wise to start supporting individual students from low-income families at that school. Check this related article from

It later became a large commitment. In her career life, Betsy DeVos graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For thirty years Betsy DeVos served as a voice for parents and an advocate for children. Meanwhile, Betsy served as an in-school mentor at-risk child in the public schools of Grand Rapids in Michigan where her life and opinion towards education changed.

Betsy DeVos has also served at the position of chair lady at an investment management and enterprise firm (The Windquest Group) that is focused on investing in technology, manufacturing, and provision of clean energy. Before the philanthropy work, in the 1990s The DeVos Family participated in politics. Betsy served as chair for a few years of Michigan Republican Party. After unsuccessfully trial to change the proposed constitutional amendment, Betsy founded the Great Lakes Education Project a political committee in Michigan.

It was focused on promoting education by expanding charter schools in the Michigan state. On an interview with the Philanthropy Roundtable, Betsy DeVos greatest and successful move in her reign of duty and work is Florida. Florida has been able to enjoy the US longest period of popular educational choice through their tax credit scholarship program. The program has led to the growth of children attending school depending on their family desires. Betsy as the current Secretary of Education she is focused on transforming Education to Serve the Needs of Individual Students from families that are financially unstable. Visit to know more about their foundation.

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