Philanthropic Peter Briger Steps In To Save New York City Park

Peter Briger has made a name for himself in the business world, where he is fondly referred to as the distressed credit market guru and king debt. This expertise has earned him prestigious positions with the different companies he has worked for including a partner and senior research analyst at Goldman Sachs as well as his current Co-Chairman’s role at Fortress Investment Group.

He has since amassed a considerable wealth and currently ranks at position 962 on the Forbes list of Billionaires. This, however, hasn’t alienated him from the community in which he lives as he sits in several philanthropic boards and contributes to numerous philanthropic courses. Check out to learn more about Peter Briger.

Saving central park

The experienced investment banker has particularly played a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability of New York’s city park. Most recently, he joined several city philanthropists in making contributions towards the conservation and preservation of the New York City Park. By so doing Peter Briger mentions that he is not only helping maintain the city’s heritage but ensuring the sustainability of the thousands of individuals and families who draw incomes from businesses in and around the park.

Silicon valley council membership

Peter Briger is also a board member for the Silicon Valley council. This refers to a group of philanthropic business leaders that contribute to different courses. They are particularly involved in elevating the lives of children across the world where they direct their donations towards buying food, clothes, and funding their education.

Princeton alumni entrepreneurship fund

Princeton University Molded Peter Briger and prepared him for the in entrepreneurship and investment world. He, therefore, couldn’t hide his thrill when he was asked to join the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. He would even proceed to rally several other alumni into starting the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurship Fund.

This seeks to find and support Princeton university entrepreneurs by offering them up to $100,000 as seed capital to fund their ventures. These entrepreneurship students only have to submit their proposals and ideas to a team of judges that vets, determine the viability of the ideas, and recommend the amount of resources to allocate to the winning idea. He will also stop by for one-on-one mentorship with these university students.