Paul Mampilly Interviewed For Inspirey Reveals Jump In Holiday Sales

Paul Mampilly was recently featured on, a website for entrepreneurs that provides detailed interviews with leading executives in a variety of different markets. Mampilly revealed how he has become one of the leading editors of financial newspapers through his experience on Wall Street and understanding the investors’ needs.

Paul Mampilly is the creator of several newsletters that are published through Banyan Hill Publishing. His main newsletter, titled Profits Unlimited, is geared towards the average American investor who wants to start investing wisely. Mampilly still works 12-14 hours each day, researching potential investments while also tracking the stocks he recommends to his readers. He provides a detailed 8-page newsletter every month to more than 90,000 subscribers on the latest developments in financial industry. He also provides a model portfolio so his readers can see how well the stocks perform. His other newsletters are geared towards more advanced newsletters who still prefer to invest on their own.

Paul Mampilly was also featured on the ask Reporter website in an article titled “Paul Mampilly Expects 2018 Holiday Season Will Be good for Stocks.” The article reveals how unemployment has reached the lowest percentage in years while also providing consumers with the confidence they need to increase their revenue. Retailers will have an impact on unemployment levels as well because they are offering incentives for seasonal workers. They are providing higher starting wages and also offering longer maternity and paternity leave to their employees. In this year alone retailers are expected to hire up to 650,000 workers throughout the holiday season. Amazon has also begun to offer a higher starting wage at $15 an hour, though they no longer offer stock awards or monthly bonuses.

Paul Mampilly reveals how the retail sales were expected to be up to $720.89 billion across the U.S., making retail jump up to 4.8 percent over the holiday season. Over the past few years, the economy has steadily risen 3.9 percent.

In 2017, retail had the greatest increase in sales than the previous past twelve years. It grew nearly 5.3 percent with sales equal to $687.87 billion.

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