OSI Group”s New Partnership Make Meatless Burgers At McDonald’s More Possible

It is more likely that McDonalds will have a meatless or vegetarian burger is becoming more likely as Impossible Foods, a maker of a meatless burger, has formed a partnership with OSI Group, a long-time supplier of McDonalds. The popularity of meatless burgers has grown about 5 percent over the last 5 years. The sale of regular meat burgers has remained the same. This new partnership should allow Impossible to become one of top suppliers of meatless burgers to restaurants and retailers.

Major fast-food chains like Wendy’s and In & Out have been seen as the last place that meatless burgers would be served because they have highly ingrained and optimized production methods. They are actually starting to have meatless burgers. Burger King, a competitor of McDonalds, will start have Impossible meatless burgers at the end of the year and Red Robin, a major American casual dining restaurant change, is starting to have meatless burgers at several of their restaurants. The rise of meatless burgers is due to the American public changing its view of burgers that don’t have beef in them.

Most people in the restaurant industry and social scientists thought that even if somebody could create a meatless burger in a lab that did not taste any different than a regular burger, people would not eat it because it was made in a laboratory. People actually don’t mind that it comes from a lab. Some like it because they are tired of the environmental damage that is caused by raising animals like pigs and food. A meatless burger is also better for their health. They would prefer to have a good health and a good environment. There are more startups getting into the selling of meatless burgers. So far, Impossible Foods, a new partner of OSI Group, has been one of the most successful companies to enter the meatless meat game. Their burger is considered to be the most innovative burger in the marker so far.