Nitin Khanna Has An Interesting Take On His Professional Career

The fact that he came from an entrepreneurially minded family was a huge influence on the career of Nitin Khanna and it is a factor that he credits with playing a major role in him becoming an entrepreneur in the first place. His life began in India in the early 1970s and he got to witness a great deal of business-related activity during his childhood. This had a major impact on the mindset of Nitin Khanna and that impact led him down the path of eventually starting his own business in 1999 alongside his brother. They had just moved to the United States and wanted to give entrepreneurship a real shot. This business, known as Saber Software turned into quite an impressive success and great a great deal over its first decade. As a part of his work with Saber Software, Nitin Khanna developed some innovative election software that eventually ended up in twenty-one different U.S. states.

It was after his successes with Saber that Nitin Khanna decided to move onto his next business venture and found a company called MergerTech. He now serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. With MergerTech, Nitin Khanna and his team provide valuable advisory services to businesses in the areas of acquisitions and mergers.

An early day is a common occurrence for Nitin Khanna. He endeavours to be as available to his clients at all times as possible and so starting the day early helps with this. Starting work early in the day is a great way to get caught up with any emails from the night before so that his inbox is always kept under control. Rising early also gives Nitin a chance to have some time in the morning with his family before becoming fully immersed in his work day.

Days at the office for Nitin Khanna tend to involved spending a good amount of time thinking about where opportunities exist in order to grow. He also spends a large percentage of the day addressing issues on a personal level. This mindset has helped Nitin Khanna to consistently maintain a high level of success in all his business dealings.

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