NGP VAN Spreads Canvassing Technology

Federal elections in the United States are increasingly becoming expensive. Political parties and candidates are spending billions in political campaigns. In the federal elections of 2016, about $6.4 billion was spent. All the money is going to one thing only- winning the vote. A campaign must be able to convince the people that the agenda they have for the country deserves their vote. Apart from the money, there is also the input of the workers who volunteer to support the campaigns.


The traditional method used is door-door canvassing. In door-door canvassing, volunteers move from home to home talking to the voters and persuading them to join a certain side. Voters can change their mind agree with the volunteers or promise to come out on the Election Day. Turn out is an important factor in federal elections and mobilizing the voters base is important.


The average American home has experienced the work of canvassers even if not for political campaigns. Canvassers move around supporting non-profits organizations initiatives and religious organizations.


Federal elections are highly competitive and political; parties and candidates must make sure that all the finances are well utilized to meet the ultimate goal which should be winning the vote. Mainly canvassing help in persuading voters to go out to vote. Canvassing needs to be professionally done to attract votes from the opposing camps and also mobilize voters to come out and vote.

The traditional way of canvassing may not be successful in the modern day. By simply moving from door-door it does not mean that you will win more votes. In fact, traditional canvassing has proven to have a negligible effect on campaigns. For canvassing to work it needs to be supported by new technology that is supplied by the NGP VAN.


NGP VAN has a solid history of helping the Democrats win, in 2008 and 2012, they supported the campaigns of Barack Obama, and he won. The campaign tools that they offer are the best in the industry. Data collected from voters is then stored in a database. The information collected from the database is then used to design the campaign strategy. When canvassing, canvassers can go out with more information about the voters such that their message will be personalized depending on the information collected.


NGP VAN is dedicated to the cause of protecting progressive ideas. Recently they had a campaign supporting the role of women in the workplace. The campaign labeled “A Day Without a Woman” celebrated the women working for NGP VAN as well in other organizations.