NewsWatch Undertakes a Successful Review Campaign for Avanca’s Pocket PC

Avanca recently hired NewsWatch to hype their upcoming Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC. Avanca aimed to raise $10K within 30 days, as per the crowdfunding agreements that constitute an Indiegogo campaign. The same rules also state that failure to raise the mentioned amount in the 30 day period means your company gets nothing. NewsWatch created and aired a minute-long video to the millions of web and TV audiences they have.


Great Results


The outcome of Avanca’s Indeogogo campaign was fantastic. The startup managed to raise a jaw-dropping $456,551 before the 30 days elapsed. Avanca owes a great deal of gratitude to the out-of-this-world online promotion campaign undertaken by NewsWatch. It’s not every day you find a startup raising 29 times more capital than anticipated.


Recommended PR Firm


Nathalie van Wijkvliet, Avanca’s Marketing Director, praised NewsWatch for the outstanding campaign and went ahead to highly recommend the promotions firm to all prospective startup entrepreneurs. The minute-long Avanca segment reportedly reached well over 95M American households and over a million online users.


Here’s a Vimeo link to a video featuring Avanca’s Director, Nathaniel talking about her wonderful experience working with NewsWatch and their upcoming products.


About NewsWatch


Since starting in 1990, NewsWatch has a gained a cult-like following for its crystal clear, concise and informative mobile app reviews, consumer news, celebrity interviews, public service announcements, editorial and sponsored electronic reviews like they did for Avanca’s new PC. The show also airs content for non-profit awareness campaigns and transmits live on-site interviews via satellites.


To watch the latest reviews and editorials on the television show, tune into to AMC Network on Mondays at 7 am. Alternatively, you can catch up with the reviews and interviews by NewsWatch on all the affiliate stations of the Ion Television Network. Most of the production takes place out of their Washington, DC offices, but NewsWatch has offices in places like Denver, New York City and in Fairfax, Virginia. It is the property of a leading media production company called Bridge Communications.