Neurocore is expanding company that first got to be well known for the work that they do in brain training. The brain training that the company does is treating people with all different mental disorders so that they can live a drug free healthy life. But their goals in helping everyone reach a happy, healthy life is not over yet as the group is expanding their clinics, and has even created another company. The secondary company that Neurocore has created is called Muscle Tech which is a company that is providing workout supplements to help people achieve a healthy life. When the group first started this they knew they didn’t want to be like everyone else and saw some huge flaws in how other powders on the market were. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The powders on the market notable are generally there for people who work out a lot. This means that they typically burn a lot more calories than even the average person trying to lose weight. Thus the majority of the powders are really high in calories to not make the person feel very full. So that was just one of the problems the other was all of the bad, fake chemicals in the product. Then the last problem was the caffeine as it is high in those products to give the energy but can be bad for some people and makes most user’s crash later. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

So to address this company made a way to have a low calorie, natural powder that has lot of vitamins and minerals, with only a very small amount of caffeine in the product. Of course then the company had to put it to the test and right from the start it was a positive feedback on the product. The majority of the people love that it doesn’t make them crash and that everyone can use it not just those that working out every day for a long period of time. The company overall is experiencing a wonderful growth in their new company as well but mainly they feel good knowing they are providing a truly good product to the public.