Michael Nierenberg Guides Two Prominent Investment Firms to Success

Michael Nierenberg has had a good career, and it looks like he’s positioned to only increase his prominence in the years to come. At 55 years of age, Nierenberg has worked his way through a wide variety of different finance positions. While he may not rank as one of the biggest names in the finance industry, he’s been a steady player over the course of decades.

Michael Nierenberg found his start in the industry cutting his teeth at Lehman Brothers where he was employed for seven years. Following that, he was employed by Bear Sterns. He wore a number of different hats at the global investment bank, overseeing everything from interest investments and foreign exchange rates to structured products to mortgage-backed security tradings. He eventually took as a position on the company’s board of directors from 2006 to 2008. It was this ability to navigate a wide range of different financial needs that drew the attention of JP Morgan where he served as the head of Global Securitized Products. Following his time at JP Morgan, Nierenberg took on a role as the head of Global Securitized Products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2008. He was also a member of their managing committee.

Today, Michael Nierenberg is splitting his efforts between two prominent firms. He’s served as the chairman of the board at the New Residential Investment Corp. since May of 2016, and he’s been a member of their board of directors since November of 2013. That accomplishment was achieved in conjunction with his promotion to the position of President and Chief Executive Director.

Simultaneously, Nierenberg serves as the Managing Director at Fortress Investment Group. This private equity firm has been in business for over two decades, and they’re recognized as one of the premier global investment management firms in the United States. As of late 2018, they have approximately $42 billion under their management. His ascendancy at both institutions may be relatively new, but given Michael Nierenberg’s history in the world of financial investment, both firms can likely look to a strong future looking forward.

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