Meet the Securus Technologies: Rick Smith

Securus Technologies has been the high tech company since time immemorial. Despite the competition that has been there, the company has always emerged the best. One of the driving factor to greatness is their chief executive officer Rick Smith. Rick Smith assumed office in 2008. The board of directors had done an exclusive research before appointing him. There many qualities and skills that led to the choice of the board of directors. Some of them include a clean criminal record, an excellent academic background, and a long time experience.

Rick Smiths Academic Background.

The educational background of a CEO is very vital in his leadership. This is because it helps understand the technical part of the company. Fortunately, Smith has invested in his academics. He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He is also an MBA holder. Rick Smith also has a master’s degree in mathematics and engineering. All these certificates are from highly ranked institutions The knowledge has greatly contributed to his great leadership.

Smith’s Experience

The other factor that is attributed to Smith’s success is his experience. Smith had worked in many organizations before landing to Securus Company. He had also had a chance to work in different departments. These helped him getting a grasp of what happens in every unit and its magnitude in the company. This is crucial because one department’s failure may adversely affect the entire company’s success. The last company Smith worked for before his nomination as Securus CEO, was Eschelon-Telkom. As their CEO, he led to a tremendous improvement of the company.

When he joined Eschelon-Telkom, the revenue of the company was $30 million annually. By the time he was leaving, the company’s revenue was $350 million. Securus Technologies is sure that it’s going to be next in the legacy of Smith’s work. The results have already begun to be seen. The architecture of the company is currently built to fit the company’s activities purposely. This was the first achievement of Rick Smith.

Through Rick Smith, the inmate’s lives have improved tremendously. His love for videos, for example, has led him to improvise video calls in the correctional services. Rick Smith believes that a visit is more fulfilling when both parties can see each other. Final Verdict An excellent CEO is equal to the success of the company. This is because it’s the chief executive officer’s call to answer the issue of the company.

Rick Smith has improved the life of convicts. The video calls that he has currently invented has been a great booster to the relationship of the detainees and their loved ones. It is evident that Rick Smith is the right individual for the chief executive officer seat of Securus Technologies. They are hopeful that more positive changes and developments will keep happening.

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